STAGE A: Overview
First, we will discuss what platforms you primarily use for your business in order to decide what type of animation best suits your needs. Do you need reaction GIFs for Twitter? Stickers to use on Instagram?
Or maybe you are looking to incorporate more movement into your main feed with an animated post. After we pinpoint your exact needs, we will discuss the specifics of your animations. 
What content would you like to highlight? I can help guide you through this process with my intimate knowledge of both animation and social media.

STAGE B: Concept Sketches & Style Frames
After our initial discussion, I will create multiple concept sketches based on your brand's specific needs. I will also provide style frames so you can have a better idea of what the final version will look like,  making sure it lines up with your brand identity.

STAGE C: Animation
Once we have decided on 5 concept sketches and an approved style frame, I will begin the animation process. You can sit back and relax!

STAGE D: Final Revisions and Variations
Once the animation process is finished, I will send over drafts for your final approval. If you have any additional notes, I will address them in this step. Additionally, if you would like to use your animations for multiple purposes or across multiple platforms, I will provide any additional file types you may need.
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